Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oracle neglects its tools?

CBR reports the outcome of a Evans Data survey of IDE usage (it looks like the actual survey results are only available to Evans Data's subscribers). The top IDE is MS Visual Studio followed by Eclipse. No surprises there. The most liked IDE is Rational Application Developer.

So where did the Oracle tool set come? Well, a lot of people are using Developer Suite, but:
Significantly, popularity did not necessarily translate to satisfied customers. Oracle had plenty of developers who ranked it at or near bottom in almost every category. Of course, it could be argued, the more developers, the more chance to have dissatisfied customers.

This is where it be nice to see a breakdown of the IDE users. CBR reports that "the study claims Oracle has neglected its tools" but that's not wholly fair. Oracle has been putting a lot of effort into its JDeveloper tool albeit to a large amount of indifference from the larger Java community and its existing Developer Suite customer base, if our experience at the UKOUG DE SIG is anything to go by. There is also Oracle Application Express (FKA HTMLDB) and SQL Developer (FKA Raptor) so recently there has been a lot of work within the Oracle Tools group.

What is true is there has not been much good news in the traditional areas: de-supporting client/server Forms alienated many customers and Oracle's treatment of its Designer tool has driven a fanatical set of users to starting developing their own modelling suite ("The Tool", based on Dulcian's BRIM product). So perhaps Evans Data just spoke to a lot of disgruntled Forms and Designer developers. Or a bunch of Java heads who resented having to use a proprietary tool instead of some cool amalgam of Eclipse, Hibernate and Spring.

Blatent plug: UKOUG members can find out more about what's happening in the Oracle Tools space by coming along to the DE SIG stream of the UKOUG Combined SIG day next week in Slough.


Anonymous Simon said...

In my limited opinion Forms users fall into three catagories.

1) In a SME, still using 6i and PO'd with Oracle's strategy.

2) In a large company/Government with the resources to convert to web forms and now missing a lot of hair.

3) The majority of colleagues who once worked with Forms either use other IDEs or else just develop back-end PL/SQl solutions.

7 March 2006 at 07:59:00 GMT-8  
Blogger APC said...

>> and now missing a lot of hair.

To be fair, I was missing a lot of hair before I did a Forms 4.5 c/.s to 9i web migration :)

7 March 2006 at 08:49:00 GMT-8  
Anonymous Michael Friedman said...

Can you provide a pointer to "The Tool"?

7 March 2006 at 16:17:00 GMT-8  
Blogger APC said...

>> Can you provide a pointer to "The Tool"?

As far as I'm aware this is still just a hobbyist project and not publicly available. If you're interested in participating I suggest you drop a line to paul underscore dorsey at dulcian dot com .

8 March 2006 at 03:58:00 GMT-8  
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