Thursday, June 28, 2007


Recently I've been having to log on the production server as SYSTEM (don't ask why). Obviously, this is a risky thing to do, so I have taken to running

set transaction read only

at the start of the session. This prevents me accidentally dropping a key table due to a sudden moment of madness (or just because I have lost track of which PuTTY session is logged on to which database).

This morning I was monitoring the status of a job going through the system. It seemed to have been stuck on one stage for over half an hour. I was worried because this stage ought to have taken a few seconds. I checked the V$SESSION_WAIT view and there was loads of activity: a different wait event every time I queried on that session.

Of course, what I had forgotten was that setting the transaction to READ ONLY doesn't just prevent me executing DML or DDL [see update below - APC] in the session: it also sets the isolation level. So (in the words of the documentation) "All subsequent queries in that transaction only see changes committed before the transaction began." No wonder I wasn't seeing any changes in the status table data! Obviously the V$ views, being dynamic views on the X$ tables, have a back door through the isolation level. Which I suppose makes sense but it could confuse a stupid person.

One to file under Oracle Things I Shouldn't Forget.


In his comment Hemant Chitale points out that SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY does not prevent DDL (because DDL issues an implicit commit and so ends the transaction). Actually in real life I really just worry about changing production data; I just used the DROP TABLE example for dramatic effect. But of course, this is no excuse for not writing something wrong in article, especially as the documentation I linked to makes that very point.

As an ironist I can only applaud the name I gave the article.



Blogger Hemant K Chitale said...

Not sure where you got that information that SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY prevents DML and DDL.

Every DDL includes an implicit commit that is issued _first_ even if the DDL fails.

See :
SQL> select table_name from user_tables;


SQL> set transaction read only;

Transaction set.

SQL> drop table another_table;

Table dropped.

SQL> select table_name from user_tables;



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