Tuesday, December 02, 2008

At last, the UKOUG show

I have been very busy recently, too busy to blog. Although I do have a stack of half-finished articles which I will finish off in the coming months. Mainly it's been work pressures: I'm coming to the end of my stint on my current project so there's been lots of tidying up and handing over to complete.

But also I've been working on two presentations for the UKOUG. One is stressful enough. The presentations are back to back on Thursday. The first is a regular presentation, called Being Steven Feuerstein, and it's a meditation on PL/SQL coding standards. I don't think Steven himself will be attending, which is a relief but also a disappointment as I was hoping to stage a PL/SQL version of the "I'm Spartacus!" scene. The other presentation is a more experimental session called Designing PL/SQL. It is in the round table area but it's not a round table. It's more of a Workshop.

Birmingham is its usual Christmas-y self, complete with street decorations in the achingly fashionable blue and white colour scheme. In fact it's been snowing, which I think is taking Christmasiness too far. I don't fancy negotiating the canal-side walkways once the slush has frozen over, particularly tonight, what with the ACE dinner following on from the focus pubs. I think I might skip into town to replace my work shoes with something more in the Timberland line.

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