Friday, December 31, 2010

Signals from a dead channel

"Drunk girls know that love is an astronaut
It comes back but it's never the same"

Drunk girls - LCD Soundsystems

There's a site called Sorry I Haven't Posted in which Cory Arcangel rounds up some of the inspiring, baroque or just downright surreal reasons which erstwhile bloggers have given for not having posted recently. Unfortunately I haven't got anything strange or startling. I didn't intend for Radio Free Tooting to fall silent for so long. It just happened. Work and other stuff got in the way.

It turns out blogging has got a lot more in common with jogging than just the rhyme. It is a discipline and requires rigour to maintain it. Once you lapse it is harder to pick it up again than it was to start in the first place.

The spamtards still cared. I have had to reject comments on old posts - and by now thay are all old posts - on a regular basis. At least there will be some new posts for them to spam.