Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Trolling for laughs

Just recently we have had a troll visiting the OTN DB General forum. They call themselves ORACLE. They're annoying but harmless. Still every evening the Forum moderators eradicate their posts but the next day ORACLE is back. It's just like the Do Long bridge but with disposable e-mail addresses.

Here's an example from today (I won't bother posting the URL, it'll be gone by tomorrow):

Just got my new Oracle today

Oracle 12g, OMG it is so freaking cool.

I can write 9 queries in 5 seconds.

Then I laugh at all of you noobs.


I don't know about you but it reminds me of this recent posting from Dizwell....


Since I posted this I have noticed that ORACLE is really blitzing the forum with postings. I guess they want to be considered more than just an annoying idiot. Still at the rate they're going they should have enough posts to qualify for ACE-hood by the end of the day.

Update 2

Well ORACLE now has control of the OTN forum. So undoubtedly something must be done. Rather helpfully, ORACLE has posted a list of actions which OTN ought to undertake to make life harder for trolls:

On the subject of spammers I suggest that you make so you have responsible oracle users able to ban and delete certain posts. For example, If you where honestly going to stop my spamming you should ban the account instead of just resetting all of the posts the spamming user makes and resetting the name, that is hardly dealing with the problem effectively.
Also, whoever the Forum administrator is. They should try giving more power to users they can trust such as
-N. Gasparatto
-Paul M
-Hans Forbich (hes funny =P)
You should give them the position know as moderator (these are used on most forums). They should have a certain amount of control on who uses the forum. They should be able to ban (permently immoblilize the account, dont just reset the posts) and delete posts when necessary. Therefore you won't have to wait till your stupid oracle mod comes in and sweeps the place every 24 hours.

I'm slightly miffed that I'm not included in the list of trustees.

Final update of the day

Well the OTN forum housekeeper has woken up and cleared out all the messages posted by ORACLE. But it remains to be seen whether the troll will be back tomorrow.

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Blogger Niall said...

I'm wondering if the ip addresses don't end up pointing back at someone known in usenet as omelet. It has all the hallmarks. If so a license audit of their employer might be a useful thing to do.

6 September 2007 at 06:03:00 GMT-7  
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