Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's That Thread Again

There's a thread which has been running in PL/SQL for several months. It started off as a spoof on the URGENT PLZ HELP type threads we get from time to time. I blogged about it in June. After a long hiatus the OP has changed their handle to John Titor, Time Traveller and posted some more nonsense. I don't mind that. Some of the responses were quite entertaining, and the thing was mostly harmless.

The problem is, they are now masquerading as venerable lead-pipe swinger Billy Verreynne. They did this by the simple mechanism of replacing lower case Ls with capital is in their handle(curse those sans serif fonts!). Furthermore they have changed the subject matter and text of the original post to make it look as though Billy is offering Oracle's own internal PL/SQL coding standards. This is an homage to a notorious thread from the forum's history. This leads credence to the suggestion that the post is a mischievous forum regular with a sound knowledge of the other denizens. Unfortunately some of the less knowledgeable visitors are falling for this scam and are posting their e-mail addresses.

This is a thread which now, alas, has to die. Anybody got any zombie poison?

Post Scriptum

I haven't bothered putting a link in to this thread because I expect it to be pulled soon enough.

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