Friday, December 21, 2007

OOW2K7 vs UKOUG2007

Having attended the two conferences so close together makes it easy for me to compare them. There are obvious differences. San Francisco in November is warmer, sunnier and all together more attractive than Birmingham in December. Open World is much much larger. But the UKOUG felt more tiring, at least to me. This is because the UKOUG packs a lot more into each day.

Open World is distributed across several sites. In order to give delegates sufficinet time to get from a session in the Westin St Francis to Moscone South there is a half hour gap between sessions. There are no sessions whilst the key notes are on. There are no sessions during lunch hour. The UKOUG schedules sessions with only ten minutes between them. The streams are staggered, so that there were always sessions during lunch. This obviously provides value for the delegates by offering a vast number of sessions to attend. But it also makes us feel guilty about skipping a session in order to go round the exhibition hall.

Another difference is the networking opportunities. Oracle have started putting a lot more effort into providing portals for delegates to get in contact with each other and places where people can meet and converse. This is easier because Moscone Center has some big spaces which can be used for such purposes.

Both conferences are valuable. I learned a lot from attending both. But Open World was much more relaxed. I think the fact that I have just blogged about UKOUG Wednesday more than two weeks after the end of the conferences says it all.

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