Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Designing PL/SQL Programs: Series home page

Designing PL/SQL Programs is a succession of articles published the articles in a nonlinear fashion. Eventually it will evolve into a coherent series. In the meantime this page serves as a map and navigation aid. I will add articles to it as and when I publish them.


Designing PL/SQL Programs
It's all about the interface

Principles and Patterns

Introducing the SOLID principles
Introducing the RCCASS principles
Three more principles
The Single Responsibility principles
The Dependency Inversion Principle: a practical example
Working with the Interface Segregation Principle

Software Architecture

The importance of cohesion
Utilities - the Coincidental Cohesion anti-pattern
Avoiding Coincidental Cohesion

Interface design

Data Access Layer versus Table APIs The use and misuse of %TYPE and %ROWTYPE attributes in PL/SQL APIs

Tools and Techniques

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