Friday, November 09, 2007

My OOW2K7 schedule

The OpenWorld conference starts slowly this year. There is no Oracle Xtreme event to warm up the proceedings . Sunday does feature user group sessions, but I'm not a member of any of the groups so I'm not particularly interested. I think I shall most of Sunday acclimatising, perhaps with a trip to the SF Museum of Modern Art. They've got a major exhibition of Joseph Cornell's work on at the moment. I've only ever seen pictures of his work so I'm ridiculously excited about the prospect of seeing over 200 of his boxes. Also I need to do some shopping: does anybody know a place in SF where I can buy a Beckham LA Galaxy shirt for a six year old boy?

Here is my schedule. It starts strongly. The opening three sessions are from speakers whom I've heard and enjoyed before. The schedule peters out towards the end of the week but then on past experience so do I; it's better not to have too firm a plan.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

5:45 PM - "Keynote: Sunday Night Live" : Moscone North - Hall D

I think I will try to make the opening keynote, as it might be the best chance to share oxygen with Larry. In previous years this event has tended to clash with the ACEs' dinner but this year the OTN team have rescheduled it.

7:30 PM - "ACEs' Dinner" : The Fly Trap Restaurant, 606 Folsom Street @ 2nd

Monday, 12 November 2007

11:00 AM - "'Thick Database' Techniques for Oracle Fusion Developers" : Hilton - Yosemite Room B

Dr Paul Dorsey combines a very deep understanding of database design and development with some strong opinions and a nice line in wit. A promising mixture.

12:30 PM - "Break Your Addiction to SQL!" : Hilton - Grand Ballroom A

Steven Feuerstein (Whom God Preserve) is another great presenter.

1.45 PM - "Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL" : Hilton - Grand Ballroom A

Last year I missed Bryn Llewellyn's talk on enhancements to PL/SQL in 11g. I'm not going to make the same mistake again.

3:15 PM - "Back-of-the-Envelope Database Storage Design" : Moscone South - 310

I don't know nearly enough about storage and the back of an envelope is my avourite design tool so this is an irresistible title.

4:45 PM - "Oracle Database 11g: Next-Generation Performance and Scalability" : Moscone South - 104

My current project (a data warehouse) is still on 9i (I know, I know, it's not my choice). Scalability is an issue, so I want to know if it's worth skipping 10g and going straight to 11. Insert your own Spinal Tap joke here.

7:30 PM - OTN Night : The Westin St. Francis, 335 Powell Street

Loud music, beer, Linux: something for everybody!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

9:15 AM - Keynote Tom Kyte : Grand Ballroom B - Hilton

"Everyone’s favorite Q&A chief and Oracle expert" will be talking on How Do You Know What You Know.

10:45 AM - "Oracle Database 11g Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing" : Moscone South - 102

Gotta find out more about 11g.

12:000 PM - "Oracle Magazine lunch" : Lulu, 816 Folsom St

I hope to tear myself away in time to make the next session, but it rather depends how good the wine is.

1:45 PM - "Binary XML and XML Index: Scalable, Performant XML Processing for Schemaless XML" : Hilton - Continental Parlor 7 & 8

XML in databases is Teh Suck. On the other hand the pesky X-stuff isn't going away any time soon, so it will be useful to discover any better methods of handling it.

3:15 PM - "The Future Challenges of OLTP and Data Warehouse DBMSs" : Moscone South - 104

A theme is emerging.

4:45 PM - "Best Practices for Oracle Database Auditing" : Moscone West - 3005 - L3

With a bit of luck this presentation will provide a definitive answer for this chestnut of the OTN forums.

7:30 PM - The Oracle Bloggers' meeting : the Thirsty Bear Brewing Co, 661 Howard St

Once more the redoubtable Mark Rittman has organised this meeting. Nice one, Mark.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I'm intending to have a go at running an Unconference session today. So I have left lots of space in case a sore head prevents me being first to the whiteboard.

8:30 AM - Keynote, Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems Inc. : Moscone North - Hall D

I just hope I can get through this without mentioning My Little Pony. Oops.

9:45 AM - "Current Trends in Database Performance" : Moscone South - 102

Um...Bigger, better, faster, by any chance???

12:45 AM - Keynotes, Michael Dell and Larry Ellison. : Moscone North - Hall D

Is it a good strategy to sit through Michael Dell's keynote in order to get a seat in the auditorium for Larry? Or does a wise man just decide to find a TV screen to watch and skip the need to carry an empty bottle?

4:30 PM - "Data Caching Application Deployment Use Cases for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database" : Moscone South - 309

People keep suggesting TimesTen as a possible solution to various problems but I really know almost nothing about it. So this is an opportunity to rectify this lamentable situation.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

11:30 AM - "Oracle Database 11g: Can I Do That? Introducing 11g SQL and PL/SQL Enhancements" : Marriott - Salon 9

A last chance to find out more about 11g.

I'm staying in the King George Hotel. I know a few of the other ACEs and sundry bloggers are there too.

And here are my Connect details again. I'm not intending to take a laptop. As I'm not presenting I don't need one and I don't need the hassle of travelling with one. But I shall take advantage of the internet villages to keep in touch.
Join Me at Oracle OpenWorld Connect!

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