Sunday, November 11, 2007

OOW2K7: It's raining today

Well actually it was raining yesterday, but Scott Walker didn't sing a song called that. In fact it's quite sunny right now but according to last night's weather forecast there are likely to be showers in the north Bay area throughout the week. The news anchors kept saying they needed the rain, like that's supposed to be a consolation. Still, at least this year we get to use the complimentary umbrella included in the conference bag.

I went out for a few beers with John Spencer last night. The bars were all pretty crowded. Turned out the two local college teams were playing that sport the Americans wrongheadedly call football. Guys, it's rugby league in fancy dress. Anyway, the Sam Adams followed by a visit to Lori's Diner kept me awake until the magic hour of 10'O clock. Unfortunately I woke up at 4:30AM this morning. Which is why I'm blogging this in an internet cafe at such a gosh-darned early hour.

I bumped into Wilfred van der Djeil in the lobby of the King George. He was still trying to get his demos working for his presentation tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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