Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UKOUG 2007: Chair registration - for real

The UKOUG conference website is now open for any delegate to volunteer as a session chair. Yes I know I said this once before but this time it's the truth. I have had the green light from Lauren so it must be okay !

Chairing sessions is not too onerous. We have to remind delegates to switch off mobile phones and fill in the critique forms. We also have to introduce the speakers. However most of them already have prepared their own introductions, so "without further ado" is a handy phrase. The key thing is to ensure the session finishes on time; this means giving the presenter discreet time signals, although most of them should be able to keep their sessions on track without prompting.

The value of volunteering is that you get a free pass to the conference when you chair six or more sessions. I know it is only a few days away, but if your boss is wavering this might just be the extra leverage you need. Sign up now!


At the time of posting the Conference site still displays a message saying you cannot register to chair sessions if you haven't had an invite from Lauren Edwards. Just ignore this and go ahead. I have e-mailed the UKOUG office and I hope the site will be amended soon.

Update again

The website has now be amended.

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